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01 Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway - Wizard (Tchami Remix)
02 Matteo DiMarr & Dashka - Closer (My Digital Enemy Remix)
03 EDX - Cool You Off (Original Mix)
04 Sonic Future - Bring It On (Original Mix)
05 Luthier Ft. Ellie K - In Sex We Trust (Velkro Remix)
06 D.Ramirez - Open Your Eyes (Club Mix)
07 Format:B - Magic Button (Original Mix)
08 German Brigante - Manitox (Original Mix)
09 Hoxton Whores - Everybody Dance Now (Original Mix)
10 T. Tommy & J. Hernandez - My Generation (Original Mix)
11 Hoxton Whores, Jay C - I Am Ready (Original Mix)
12 Marco V - Back In The Jungle (Original Mix)
13 Jewelz & Scott Sparks - Pharaoh (Original Mix)
14 Orjan Nilsen - Endymion (Original Mix)
          I <3 KATE
 photo BLEEDGOLDkm_01_zps29dadda3.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLDkm_03_zps65d329d9.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLDkm_02_zps938fb416.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLDkm_04_zps32846e5f.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLDkm_05_zps2b184e81.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLDkm_06_zps33b7ceae.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLDkm_07_zps35650725.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLDkm_zps6dcb0923.jpg
Band of Outsiders blazer x Marc Jacobs tee x Levi's shorts x Adidas sneakers x Hermès bracelet x SUPER shades
"Forever Kate"
 photo BLEEDGOLD_RAWR_01_zps3705875b.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_RAWR_02_zpsbc5df661.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_RAWR_03_zps9e31b0b5_03_zps22362e7d.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_RAWR_04_zpsd1a59897.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_RAWR_05_zps3ee70752.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_RAWR_06_zpscbc17014.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_RAWR_07_zps7b724b63.jpg
TOPMAN denim vest x T by Alexander Wang hoodie x PRPS tee x ZARA jeans x bare feet
Ψ( ̄(エ) ̄)Ψ
play dead
 photo BLEEDGOLD_UNKNOWN_01_zpse3136817.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_UNKNOWN_02_zpsbdf4fea9.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_UNKNOWN_03_zps345d1e1a.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_UNKNOWN_04_zps57761a81.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_UNKNOWN_05_zpsa23a6908.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_UNKNOWN_07_zps7c5f64f8.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_UNKNOWN_06_zps88c7857a.jpg
OAK NYC leather jacket x Zara sweater x Saint Laurent denim x Buttero boots x vintage Love bracelet x SUPER shades x
A gloomy Sunday
           DREAM ON
 photo BLEEDGOLD_newyears_01_zps0547b1c9.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_newyears_03_zpsd811db44.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_newyears_04_zpsb3a5e0e9.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_newyears_05_zps760251f7.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_newyears_07_zpsbcb1619f.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_newyears_09_zps62156cc5.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_newyears_10_zps6aae1eb2.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_newyears_02_zps4195273c.jpg
Vince sweater x Zara jeans x UNIF hellraisers x BNY CO-OP beanie x Valentino bracelet x vintage Love bracelet x custom iphone case x SUPER shades
Hope your year was one to remember
^^;;See you next year ^^;;

                                                SPACE TIGER
 photo spacetigers_09_zps52817af3.jpg  photo spacetigers_02_zps0d215fe1.jpg  photo spacetigers_03_zpsca9ff5d0.jpg  photo spacetigers_04_zps44251357.jpg  photo spacetigers_05_zps787decc5.jpg  photo spacetigers_07_zpsbb0ee5a3.jpg  photo spacetigers_08_zps5f7e1b18.jpg
Taxonmy sweater x Ever jeans x Converse by John Varvatos chucks x vintage Love bracelet x Hermes bracelet x Valentino bracelet x Fallon bracelet x Billionaire Boys Club backpack x SUPER shades

 photo BLEEDGOLD_basic02_zpsd132217c.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_basic03_zps78ad61ed.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_basic04_zpsfd01ae0d.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_basic05_zpsf78ee5ab.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_basic06_zpsac0afbc6.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_basic07_zpsfecf31f1.jpg
Everything seems like a city of dreams, I never know why, But I still miss you
Isabel Marant for H&M sweater x Ksubi jeans x Christian Louboutin sneakers x Hermes bracelet
 photo BLEEDGOLD_burningsnowflake_01_zps34b4498d.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_burningsnowflake_02_zpsd990e8d3.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLD_burningsnowflake_03_zps07ed3bea.jpg
Holidays be coming
Ksubi t
 photo 500px-Foto_hada_de_la_inyeccioacuten_lily_zpsc77802ce.jpg

If this card attacks or is attacked, during damage calculation (in either player's turn): You can pay 2000 Life Points once per battle; this card gains 3000 ATK during that damage calculation only. Yes, this is a Yugioh card... it's also the title of my latest production. 126bpm of a danceable, cluster-groove/rhythm, bass, and of course... LAZERS!!
See you on the dance floor
~( ̄▽ ̄~) (~ ̄▽ ̄)~
( ̄(エ) ̄)
          THE RAIN
 photo BLEEDGOLDxRAIN_02_zpsda63f4e9.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLDxRAIN_03_zps2c7a7004.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLDxRAIN_04_zps29c03e2e.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLDxRAIN_045_zpsa3d27eff.jpg  photo BLEEDGOLDxRAIN_06_zps8e188641.jpg
A stormy night in Texas
Zara T x Acne denim